Britech offers a wide range of modern security and tracking solutions to business and home owners in Uganda. We understand being secure is paramount that’s why you should make our products and services your first line of defense. Protect your loved ones and the things you love with our tested and effective security systems.


Britech Limited has been in existence since July 2007. Over the years we have evolved into a very professional and dedicated team of technology experts creating cutting edge solutions which are vital in our day to day living. We have engaged in several telecom infrastructure building projects with some of the leading telecom service providers. We have also had some presence in the IT sector specifically server setup & management and building computer networks.

Our vision

To be a leading provider of innovative technology solutions vital for our daily living

Our Mission

To maintain a secure environment for our clients by empowering them with full visibility and constant awareness of the threats surrounding them by providing smart technology solutions through our products and services.

How we do it

Britech Security and Alarm Solutions (BSAS) is a business arm of Britech Limited that deals with smart security solutions. It thrives on the power of information flow that has been created by a connected world. Information moves so fast over a connected network as long as the source gets it to the right communication channels. In the past a lot of security threats were averted through social media as people got informed and the level of vigilance increased amongst the targets. A threat cannot be sustained under such conditions where people are well informed. This information can now be availed to our clients through our smart products without requiring another person on the opposite side of the communication channel.

Riding on the power of a connected world, we have created a Security network. We are able to empower our clients with “ON THE GO” remote monitoring capabilities to ensure they are constantly in touch with their areas of interest i.e. Business premises, Homes, Schools etc. and their loved ones. We developed all our solutions to be able to run on the already existing telecom infrastructure and this enables our clients to easily integrate our products into their networks at optimal costs.