SmartGuard (G10) is a modern wireless residential and commercial alarm system that is suitable for your home and business. This system is designed to meet the growing need for smart security systems combined with intrusion detection, detection of hazardous conditions such as fire and gas leaks through smartphone. SmartGuard is a stylish sleek, attractive security system includes a color back-lit LCD display and touch keypad design. It can directly report alarm information to end-users by sending notifications to your phone and our central monitoring station whenever there is an alarm occurrence. It's an ideal home security system that caters for lower, middle and high end income earners. All these innovative designs are tailored to make our product the ideal choice for your home and business security & protection.

SmartGuard Product Highlights

• It’s a smart alarm & home automation system
• It has a self-contained alarm panel with LCD display
• Fitted with a touch keypad design for user-friendly operation
• Configure up to five personal emergency phone numbers
• Configure one central monitoring phone number
• Receive alarm notification via phone call or SMS
• Fitted with a built-in speaker and microphone
• Remote two-way audio intercom
• Report system’s status via SMS for example Power blackout
• Alarm memo, entry delay, exit delay
• Supports 30 wireless sensors and 4 hardwired sensors
• Supports wireless siren
• Arm/Disarm system using the RFID function
• Comes with a free smartphone App (Android and iOS)
• Has an inbuilt battery to last up to 12 hours in case of power outage

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