Alarm Monitoring

We have a well-equipped eagle central monitoring station capable of receiving all defined alarm occurrences from our clients premises. Our teams will monitor all incoming alarms 24/7 and perform all the necessary tasks within our reach to avert any threats at your premises. We are able to refer alarm occurrences to the respective authorities where necessary and also do follow up to ensure they respond appropriately.

Britech Smart IP cameras

Britech Smart IP cameras

Britech SmartCam comprises of E, B & D series smart IP security cameras addressing your remote monitoring need for home and business premises.We offer free CMS software, monitoring up to 64 smart IP cameras simultaneously on Windows PC.

SmartCam E-series Features

  • 2-Megapixel Full HD 1080p/ HD 720p Resolution
  • Mobile phone remote horizontal 355 degree & vertical 90-degree control
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Support 5 preset positions
  • Alarm notification
  • Supports Recording by mobile phone directly
  • Supports NVR storage and TF card maximum 32GB

SmartCam B-Series Features

  • Offers Full HD 1080p/ HD 720p Resolution
  • High power LEDs with IR distance up to 40M
  • Vertical/Horizontal 90°/270° Degree Rotation
  • 2-way Audio Intercom
  • IP67 rated weatherproof design
  • Remote connection using Phone/PC
  • Best suited for Outdoor Installation

SmartCam D-series Features

  • Offers HD 960p: 1280×960 Resolution
  • High power LEDs with IR distance up to 30M
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Supports Motion Detection
  • Supports Recording by mobile phone directly
  • WiFi Connection Capability
  • For Indoor/Outdoor Installation


Britech Smart Car Alarms

Britech Smart Car Alarms

The Britech CarBuddy, CarGenius & TruckBuddy are brilliant innovations putting together all the technology you require to attain maximum vehicle security. It combines the security alarm system & GPS tracker in a single unit and gives you remote smart control plus full visibility of your vehicle on the phone or computer wherever it is.

Britech CarBuddy

It is recommended for cars and medium sized vehicles.


  • It is all in one Car Alarm/GPS tracker
  • Lock/unlock your remotely car by smartphone or by remote controller
  • Live track your vehicle via phone or computer
  • Perform voice monitoring remotely in your car
  • Supports vibration alarm, door open alarm, movement alarm & power failure alarm
  • User can set up Geo-fence crossing alerts
  • You can set up over-speed alarm
  • Fitted with a hidden SOS button to call for help in case of emergency
  • Cut off engine to stop the car safely by phone
  • Supports central lock automation

Britech CarGenius

It is recommended for all vehicles


  • It has a Plug& play design
  • It is the integration of GPS tracker & car alarm
  • Supports Bluetooth car diagnostics
  • Arm/disarm your car by phone or by ID tag automatically
  • Check the car’s real physical address using google maps on phone or computer
  • Supports movement alarm, Over-speed alarm, Geo-fence crossing alarm, Engine on alarm, power failure alarm, vibration alarm
  • Capable of monitoring the voice within your car
  • It’s able to give accurate odometer & speed reading
  • Empowers you to read the vehicle error code & clear the error code accordingly

Britech TruckBuddy

It is recommended for commercial trucks and buses


  • it’s a GPS tracker and Car alarm
  • Live track your vehicle via phone or computer
  • Over-speed alert, Geo-fence alert, movement alarm
  • It has an inbuilt speed limiter
  • It can detect a crash and send out alarm notification automatically
  • You can cut off engine to stop the car safely by phone or computer
  • Capable of sending out SOS alarm & anti-tamper alarm
  • Supports analog input for fuel monitoring or temperature monitoring
  • Lock/unlock the car door remotely by phone
  • Support voice monitoring & 2-way talking(optional)

Britech Smart House Alarms

Britech Smart House Alarms

SmartGuard (G10) is a modern wireless residential and commercial alarm system that is suitable for your home and business. This system is designed to meet the growing need for smart security systems combined with intrusion detection, detection of hazardous conditions such as fire and gas leaks through smartphone. SmartGuard is a stylish sleek, attractive security system includes a color back-lit LCD display and touch keypad design. It can directly report alarm information to end-users by sending notifications to your phone and our central monitoring station whenever there is an alarm occurrence. It's an ideal home security system that caters for lower, middle and high end income earners. All these innovative designs are tailored to make our product the ideal choice for your home and business security & protection.

SmartGuard Product Highlights

• It’s a smart alarm & home automation system
• It has a self-contained alarm panel with LCD display
• Fitted with a touch keypad design for user-friendly operation
• Configure up to five personal emergency phone numbers
• Configure one central monitoring phone number
• Receive alarm notification via phone call or SMS
• Fitted with a built-in speaker and microphone
• Remote two-way audio intercom
• Report system’s status via SMS for example Power blackout
• Alarm memo, entry delay, exit delay
• Supports 30 wireless sensors and 4 hardwired sensors
• Supports wireless siren
• Arm/Disarm system using the RFID function
• Comes with a free smartphone App (Android and iOS)
• Has an inbuilt battery to last up to 12 hours in case of power outage